Products for a green tea life!
In "Green Tea Living" I wrote about some of the amazing qualities of green tea such as the catechins which erase wrinkles and age spots, and, in general, help with anti-aging.  Now I'm putting my words into action. My original soap is now for sale! 

Green Tea Soap
Ingredients: Glycerin Soap Base, Green Tea (Sen-cha, Ban-cha, Ma-cha)
Essential Oil: Lavender, Bergamot, Red Apple
Effects: Promotes anti-aging and smooth, healthy skin
Design: Dragon Fly, Chrysanthemum, Flower, Standard Shapes
Price: $8 (4.75 oz),$6(3.75oz)


 The light brown =sen cha , light green =ma cha ,  very dark .= ban cha.  
"Cha" means tea.
Dragon Fly Design:4.75 oz $8.00
 Lavender or Bergamot ,Sen-Cha

Chrysanthemum: 3.75 oz $6.00
 Lavender or Bergamot, Sen-Cha